Sofa Disassembly & Movers was founded by experienced individuals that solves the problem of moving oversized furniture into challenging spots. Since 2014, we have been providing exceptional services.

Disassembly & Assembly

Our professionals are trained to disassemble and assemble any size furniture you have. Super size furnitures not fitting through the door? We got it.

Sofa Cleaning

Our professional cleaning machines will clean your sofa in just 30 minutes! Using the best cleaning products in the market to make it look brand new.

Moving Services

Loading and unloading a truck can take a long time also can be dangerous in some situations. Let our professionls take care of the leg work.

Fitness Equipment Assembly

Sofa Disassembly & Movers assists you to achieve your dream body with our services for fitness equipment disassembly. We can make it fit!

Play Set Installations

Our technicians strictly follow all safety regulations and review manual instructions to assure the equipment is being assembled the proper way.

Build Custom Furniture

Dont go any further to find quality creations specific for your needs. Let our professionals make you a beautiful custom built furniture today.

The Combo

Sofa Disassembly & Movers will help you disassemble various types of furniture. We can take it apart safely for moving or storage.

Ask us about our combo package for an additional savings.