2023 Guide: Best Time of Year to Move to NYC

Best Time of The Year To Move To NYC
Manhattan, NYC in the spring.

Moving to NYC can be overwhelming and daunting. There is so much information about the best neighborhoods and places to live in the city. But if you want a smooth transition into your new life in New York City, you must start with a plan of action. So one question people are stuck on is what’s the best time of year to move to NYC? Let’s find out!

What Determines the Best Time of Year to Move to NYC

Weather: April to September

Having a clear pathway rather than drifts of snow is essential for moving. It makes the process more efficient and less stressful for everyone involved.

Considering that, April is the time to make a move. More sunlight makes this weather much safer than the end of September through March. The reason is the harsh, unpredictable weather.

Cost and Availability of Apartments

New York City’s real estate market is fluctuating. The rents are higher in summer than in winter. They start rising in early May and reach their peak in July. These are peak seasons for people looking for apartments in NYC.

Considering the availability can also be helpful.  This leaves with this option:

to move into a new apartment during the summer months when you have already found a place to live in winter?

In Reality, is there anything such as the Best Time to Move to NYC?

The rental prices and broker fees for apartments in NYC are lower during the first few months. But, February is likely the best time for moving – as it is when more people move in and out of NYC. February is one of the least expensive months for rent. No holiday rush and higher bargain power make it an ideal time for people looking for a cheaper place to live.

Holiday Season

NYC is one of the most welcoming countries. This changes in the holiday season. Many people return to their hometowns and spend quality time with their families. This likewise makes the city crowded during this season. As a result, it is difficult for newcomers to find a suitable place where they can settle down. Even if they do, it isn’t without feeling like they have no space or privacy.


The moving season is when people start looking for a new home and moving around. Moving season usually begins in late spring or early summer and ends in late fall or early winter. Moving during this time may not be ideal because you may not have enough time to find your perfect home.  You may also have to compromise on certain things like schools or neighborhoods. Hence it is best to wait for off-seasons with lower competition to start the moving process!

Final Thoughts On The Best Time To Move To NYC

We hope that this gist of what’s the best time of year to move to NYC helped you decide when to plan your moving process. We at Sofa Disassembly & Movers rank our customer’s comfort above all. We understand that without any external help, moving can be a daunting task. Hence, we are always here to make this process easier for you. So, enjoy your new journey and leave the worries of moving with us.