How to disassemble A Playset in 10 Easy Steps

Are you planning to move? Moving from one place to other with kids is easier said than done. You have to shift a whole lot of kiddo-friendly stuff along with your main luggage. Most important and cumbersome among them is the playset. Opting for a professional to disassemble and move that little piece of joy in your back backyard can hit hard on your pocket. Are you worried about how to disassemble a playset? Just scroll down the article to know the easiest ways to move a playset. Your kids will be joyful to use it in their new house.

How to disassemble a playset?

Tools You’ll Need to Disassemble the Playset

One person to help you in disassembling.


Spray corrosion solvent like WD-40


Spray lubricant for easy removal of bolts and nuts.

Boxes for packing small parts separately



Pliers or vise grips

Jackhammer or sledgehammer in case your playset has a concrete base.

Procedure for Disassembling a Playset

  1. Mark all the connections and joints with permanent markers to facilitate easy reassembling.
  2. Take few pictures of the playset before unscrewing, this will be helpful to connect detached pieces while reassembling.
  3. Spray corrosion solvent 60 minutes before you start the actual procedure to aid loosening of stuck or corroded nuts and bolts.
  4. Spray lubricants 5 minutes before you start to unscrew the set.
  5. Remove any monkey bars, gliders, or swings attached to the hinges and place them in separate large boxes.
  6. Start with unscrewing the bolt connecting the cross beam with the fort. Put the cross beam on the ground and unscrew it from the frame.
  7. Remove ladders, fake rocks, or slides attached to the fort. If the fort is too heavy or big to move you can detach the roof of the fort for easy handling.
  8. Put all the bolts separately in a plastic bag and mark them.
  9. Keep everything organized and mark all the boxes and plastic bags for hassle-free reassembling.
  10. If your playset is having a concrete base then you have to use a jackhammer or sledgehammer to dig it out from the ground.

Loading and Moving of Playset

Next, place the fort or clubhouse on a plywood sheet and carry it to the truck. You need three persons one at each corner to support the fort. Once you loaded the fort, lay the cross beams carefully. Load the remaining parts in the truck. Place the plastic bags carrying small parts carefully to avoid misplacing them.

For reassembling the playset at the new place, reverse all the steps from unloading to screwing the crossbeam. Complete the playset by hanging the slides and monkey bars with hinges.

Pro-Tip For Disassembling a Playset

Moving in warmer months is always easier as compared to colder ones. The soil became hard during winter making it difficult to remove a playset.

By following these easy-to-do steps, one can disassemble a play set on his own.  Be the hero for your children by saving their favorite playset.

A Final Word on Disassembling a Playset

Conclusion paragraph: After reading this article, you should be confident that disassembling a playset is not as intimidating an undertaking as it may seem. We hope we’ve given you the tools to take on any future dismantlement job with success! If you need help or have questions about your specific situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888) 644-7632. Remember Sofa Disassembly and Movers for all of your furniture needs in New York City and Northern New Jersey!