2022 Resource: Top 3 Tips for Moving to NYC

tips for Moving to NYC
People crossing the street in Manhattan, NYC.

Shifting between cities is an arduous task within itself. But when you are planning to move to New York, brace yourself for the most exhilarating rollercoaster of your life. Behind the flashy Broadway performances lie movers’ struggle to find the perfect spot to reside in. Did we scare you? We have combined the most valuable tips for moving to NYC. As a newcomer in the city, you can get overwhelmed by the stark difference in residential options. Thus, we have included the following tips for moving to NYC. These are sure to come in handy for our movers.


You’ll have a stroke. The average amount of rent in Manhattan is over $4200. Suppose you earn less than $4000 a month. Apartment rents are soaring. You can’t afford accommodation with two to three roommates. 

New York comprises five boroughs in order of the most to least expensive. Living in Manhattan is on the wishlist for many, but managing the cost of living may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Followed by Manhattan is Brooklyn, then Queens, and finally the Bronx. Before moving, make sure you decide which part of NYC you plan to live in. This helps save time in your house search.


Getting in touch with a broker may seem reasonable to search for your place. But it adds a couple of extra bucks to your wallet. Brokers typically charge around 15% of the annual rent, which is a significant burden on your finances. 

You can opt for no-fee housing tips for moving to NYC to escape this. But unfortunately, you must go through a cut-throat competition to secure your spot in one of these. Another way to escape the brokerage fee is to surf housing websites and get in touch with house owners. 


The competition for a no-fee option is immense. Therefore, it is better to have your documents ready so that you may get a deal immediately. Prepare your document checklist according to our tips for moving to NYC. It must include the last three month’s paychecks, bank statements, photo ID, tax returns, and credit score. 

Sometimes, a word of recommendation from your previous landlord is a feather in your hat. Your new landlord may happily give you a few concessions on your housing bills if they are sure that you are a trustworthy tenant.

Final Thoughts On Tips For Moving To NYC

We hope these tips for moving to NYC may make your house search more fruitful. We at Sofa Movers are dedicated to supporting you throughout your moving process. Thus, these tips for moving to NYC are prepared to guide you and put your worries to rest. As for the secondary worries regarding how to move, you can leave those with us.