We’ll walk you through taking apart a sectional sofa step by step.

Sectional sofas are great for providing seating that can adapt to the size of your guests. They also provide a comfortable place to sit in tight spaces, like a studio apartment with limited square footage. However, when it comes time to move or redecorate your space, you’ll need to take apart the sofa and dispose of it properly. Read on for some simple steps on how to do this.

What do I need to know before taking apart a sectional sofa?

Before disassembling you should make sure you have a new home for your old couch. If not, it will need to be hauled away which can cost time and money

First, disconnect the power supply by unplugging or turning off any electrical outlet in use at the back of your sectional.

I’m ready! How do I take apart a sectional sofa?

Step One: Find a Single Piece of the Sectional That You Can Remove

If your sofa is assembled, you can remove one section from it. If not, start by removing all of the cushions and pillows before moving on to other steps. You should be able to tell which piece this is once you’ve removed anything that might obscure your field of vision.

Step Two: Remove the Cushions and Pillows

This step is a lot like Step One, but you’ll need to locate any covers that might be underneath your cushions. You should find two types of fabric – one for the seat cushion cover, another for back cushions or pillows. These are usually held together with buttons, hooks, or zippers. So be sure to remove anything that might get snagged upon disassembly.

Step Three: Take Apart the Cushions and Pillows

Unzip the covers, remove the foam or batting, and then pull out any springs. Covers may hide screws that connect the frame.

Step Four: Take Apart the Frames

You will need to use a screwdriver to take apart all of the screws holding one side of each frame together. This is so that you can rotate and separate them without damaging anything else in your sectional sofa.

Step Five: Label Your Parts

Label each part of your sectional sofa as you take it apart, and then place them all into a safe spot for storage until next time! Make sure that all screws are accounted for and kept separate from one another.

Step Six: Put it all back together

To assemble your sectional sofa, simply follow the steps in reverse order.

How Long Does Taking Apart a Sectional Sofa Take?

It’s difficult to say how long it will take you to take apart your sectional sofa because everyone has different levels of expertise and experience.

But if you’re following the steps closely and are careful not to damage anything while taking apart or putting together your sectional sofa, we estimate that.

What tools do I need to take apart a sectional sofa?

You’ll need tools such as an Allen wrench, hammer, pliers, and screwdriver.

A complete list of the required hardware can be found in your instruction manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Special Tools Required: none

A number of people needed to take apart sectional sofa: one person with enough experience could do it alone.

Conclusion: Still Need Help After Learning How To Take Apart a Sectional

If you’re considering taking apart a sectional sofa, we hope these tips helped. We also want to point out that it’s not just the couch itself that needs to be taken apart and put back together every time someone moves- there are all those individual pieces too. That can make your move significantly more expensive than if you had purchased an old-fashioned loveseat or even two separate sofas. To find out how much our team of furniture experts would charge for disassembling the current sectional, give us a call at (888) 644-7632.